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View our services below to see how we can help you accomplish your land management goals!

timber sale harvest inspection

Timber Sale Administration

Selling timber is the most important part of forest management when it comes to getting a return on your investment that has been decades in the making. With our expertise, we will ensure that your timber is sold at the right time and merchandised in a way that will generate the most income for you and your family. Whether thinning or final harvest, let us guide you through this process. 

tree planting and planted pines

Site Prep
& Reforestation

Reforestation is the key to sustainability along with ensuring renewable resources for future generations. We can handle the process from start to finish instead of using multiple contractors and provide insight on todays advanced genetic seedlings while ensuring that what is planted will align with your goals for the land in years to come. Let us make renewing your timberland one easy step. 

quail woods and native season grasses


Wildlife benefit is one of the most rewarding parts of our forest management activities. Depending on landowner objectives, our wildlife management activities will follow to ensure both wildlife and their habitat are plentiful. We specialize in quail woods, deer, turkey, and pollinator habitat. 

prescribed fire

Prescribed Fire

As one of the oldest and best management techniques, prescribed fire can be used to improve timber stands and wildlife habitat in many different ways. Ask us how we can utilize prescribed fire to improve your property.

forest management plan

Management Planning

Just like every great project, great timberland begins with a management plan. Our management plans provide guidance and explanation for actions to ensure goals that are established are accomplished.

certified arborist

Certified Arborist Services

Providing tree health assessments and proper pruning techniques we will be sure to keep the monumental tree(s) on your property healthy for years to come.

GIS mapping

Geographic Information Systems

We utilize industry leading GIS mapping software to create maps, calculate exact acreages, soils data, topography, wetland delineation and so much more. Ask us how you can learn more about your property by utilizing our mapping programs. 

timber valuation and appraisal

Timber Valuation
& Appraisal

Whether selling timber, acquiring new timberland, providing values for estate planning or conducting inventory, we assist clients with establishing the very best and accurate values of their timberland assets. We also provide assistance with subdivision/fragmentation.

vegetation management herbicide application

Utility Right of Way 
Vegetation Control

We understand the importance of right of way vegetation management. Controlling undesirable competition decreases power outage restoration time by improving access.  Wildlife and pollinator habitat is also improved by promoting a non-woody low growing environment. 

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