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Epting Forestry is a forest resource management consultant that always manages for each and every clients best interest. Assisting landowners in sustainably achieving their goals is our passion!

At Epting Forestry, extensive and diverse experience enables us to provide unmatched services.  As a registered Forester, ISA Certified Arborist and Certified Pesticide Applicator, we get the big picture. 

It is proven that landowners whom utilize a Forestry Consultant earn over 22% more on a per acre basis than those who do not. We understand that each landowners forest assets are unique and should be managed strictly to revolve around objectives that are established with each landowner.

Epting Forestry & Resources strives to assist every landowner in understanding the full benefits of thier forestland. 

Let us help you maximize your lands potential whether for timber production, wildlife, or carbon sequestration!

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